The Jørgensen Family!

About us

Most of the people who have found their way to this page probably know us already and further introduction should not be necessary.

But just in case, here is a little presentation anyway:

We are Marion and Lars. Marion is from Germany and Lars is from Denmark. We live in France, just over the border from Geneva, Switzerland and we are waiting to adopt a child from China. We started the adoption process more than 3 years ago and our papers arrived in China in November 2005 (LID 28 November 2005). As the Chinese are now only 3 LID days away from matching us, we expect to get a referral next month (i.e. early October). And then we will be going on the journey of our life to pick up our child in China.

Our little household also consists of Rocky, our dog. He is a French dog. In fact some people say he is a French Cheese Dog. If you would like to know more about Rocky you can follow the main points of his life on his blog.


Lars is a physicist and works at CERN, though he is employed at Swansea University in Wales, U.K.. At CERN he works on antihydrogen and positrons. He has worked on ATHENA, the first experiment to produce large amounts of cold antihydrogen in 2002 and now mainly work on the follow-up experiment called ALPHA, that aims to trap and do precision studies on antihydrogen.

Marion works at WHO in the Department of Epidemic and Pandemic Alert and Response, so every time you read about an outbreak of Ebola or something similarly nasty, Marion gets very busy at work sending out the experts and equipment needed to deal with the outbreak.