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Shanghai 上海

The time in Shanghai is currently:



Shanghai is a very big city on the east coast of China. According to WikiPedia it has 18.7 million inhabitants, which makes it the worlds seventh largest city.

The city is roughly divided in two by the Huangpu river. On the western bank of the river is The Bund, the famous road along the river that where all the old trading houses had their buildings. It is therefore stuffed full with old colonial style building from many different colonial powers from about 100 years ago. Behind the Bund is the old town and the French Concession as well as the main shopping district along Nanjing Donglu Road. On the eastern side of the Huangpu river is the new financial district of Pudong. You can see the skyline of Pudong on the picture above and the night skyline on the picture below.


Shanghai C.W.I.

Here are a few more photos of the Shanghai C.W.I. where our son is presently staying.....Looks very nice, don't you think?