The Jørgensen Family!

May we present:

Alexander Huai Gan Jørgensen

This was the first picture we got of him. We got it about 1 1/2 months before we went to China to pick him up. Incidentally 'cacao' is now one of his favorite words!!

He was born February 9th 2006 and he stayed the first 1 1/2 years at the Shanghai C.W.I. (Children's Welfare Institute).

We finally got him in our arms on Monday Dec. 3. 2007... and what a lovely kid he is!!

Here is what he looked like when we got him:

With mommy at Shanghai C.W.I.

..and here is what he looks like now about a year later:

On Mount Mourex 29 Nov. 2008

On Mount Mourex on 29 Nov. 2008

With friends from kindergarten

With friend from kindergarten at CERN restaurant 1, October 2008.

Xmas tree decoration at Ger's, 30 Nov. 2008

Christmas tree decoration at Ger's, 30 Nov. 2008.

Here is what the Shanghai C.W.I. looks like. You can find more under Shanghai.


You can find much more about the orphanage under some of these links including a small film: