The Jørgensen Family!

The little house in Cessy

The time in Cessy is currently:


As you may know we live in a little house in Cessy, France. Above you can see what the weather forecast for our area is and what the local time is.

If you would also like to know what the weather has been like today, check out the Cessy Meteo site.

And if you would like to actually see what the weather situation looks like right now in Cessy, you can check out the CMS outside webcam, which looks from the CMS experiment towards Cessy and the Jura mountains.And here is what the little house looked like in early Sept. 2008:

RdJ-sept. 2008


House in Sept. 08

Since then they have finished the motorized gate and planted bushes on the incline down to the drive and also planted the last little bit of the hedge in front of the cars. And I have made sure the garden will be an orgy of flowers next year by planting more than 250 flower bulbs!!!


Here a a few photos of the house from August 2007 just to give you an idea of how much things have changed in one year: is another photo from Oct. 6, 2007